Shipping & returns


If specified, the order may be removed in the SUPERDRAGONTOYS shop at the following address:
Rue Sainte Catherine, 6 - 1000 Brussels - Belgium.

In this case, no shipping fee will be requested.


For Belgium, 24 hours, for the rest of Europe; from 1 to 5 days. Delivery times are indicative and valid in working days.

These are average times and may vary according to destination. SUPERDRAGONTOYS SPRL won’ t grant any indemnities in case of late delivery. In order to guarantee optimal service, please always give us an address to which your order can be delivered during business hours. SUPERDRAGONTOYS SPRL needs a full and accurate shipping address (Key Pad, entry code...). If you make a mistake or give us an incomplete address, the second shipment costs will be at your expense and you will have to assume the consequences (package loss, shipping fees to the correct delivery address ...).

For every delivery : if you are absent when the delivery arrives, your package will return to the transporters regional warehouse. If no one is home during the delivery a notice will be left.

If the package is returned to us due to the absence of a person to receive the parcel during the delivery attempt or the non reclaim of the package from the transporters regional warehouse, the package will be redirected only upon the payment of a new shipping fee. (Except in exceptional cases where it turns out that the delivery deficiency is the transporter fault) In order to avoid this you must provide us a delivery address where someone is present (workplace address, merchant, neighbor, personal ... ) from the start and a phone number where we can contact you during the day if there is a problem for the carrier with the delivery address.

Thank you also for telling us any details facilitating the delivery (avoid certain hours (closures, lunch time ...), delivery of the parcel at warden / caretaker, entry code, buildings name, if the access is difficult ...). When sending your order, an email will be sent with the number and website address where you can track your order.

The delivery timeline starts upon receipt of this email confirming the shipment, eg for Belgium, the delivery will take place the day after receipt of this email.


Package dimensions and weight

- Maximum weight: 31.5 KG
- Maximum Circumference: 3.00 M
- Maximum length: 1.75 M
- Maximum Volumetric Weight: 167 KG

BELGIUM € 7,95
GERMANY € 9,95
FRANCE € 9,95
FINLAND € 19,95
AUSTRIA € 19,95
DENMARK € 17,95
HUNGARY € 19,95
IRELAND € 19,95
GREECE € 19,95
POLAND € 19,95
ITALY € 17,95
SWEDEN € 19,95
SPAIN € 19,95
PORTUGAL € 19,95

For the other countries, please send us a mail to [email protected] for further informations.


For the Overseas Territories of FRANCE, please contact us for a quote on shipping costs!

Return policy and customer service

Super Dragon Toys is committed to proceed to a full refund of the products within 14 days of receipt of the order. Products must be returned at the customers expense. Products must be in perfect condition and in their original packaging as they have been delivered.

After 14 days, the products are considered approved and comply with the order.

Every sold item is covered by the guarantee publishers establish. However, in case of defective item, we commit ourself to proceed its refund or exchange for free in the following cases :

• Defective Article or latent defect
• Packing Error

The customer paying shipping costs are non-refundable, a credit note of the purchased product will be made. Any returns will be done at the following address :
SUPERDRAGONTOYS - Rue Saint Catherine, 6 - 1000 Bruxelles - Belgique.